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Fall, Halloween & Thanksgiving

Fall, Halloween & Thanksgiving

Call or email for pricing. Custom orders may be accommodated.

  • The dark chocolate is dairy free semisweet with only natural ingredients.

  • The milk and white chocolates contain only natural ingredients.

  • Organic chocolate (milk and dark) items are available. Excludes coloring and pricing will vary.

  • Coloring (optional) is cocoa butter with FD&C color lakes or dyes.

Our Fall, Halloween & Thanksgiving

Leaf lolly milk 2oz

Apple milk (filled: caramel, coconut, PB or marshmallow) 3oz

Oreos 4pc milk 5oz

Pretzels 3pc milk 3oz

Bat lolly milk 2oz

Oreo lolly (various) milk 2oz

Witch lolly milk/vegan, natural/organic 2.5oz

Skull lolly milk 1oz

Pumpkin lolly milk 2oz

Ghost lolly m 1oz

Spider milk/vegan, natural/organic 1oz

Pumpkin LG 3D milk 8oz

Pilgrim boy or girl lolly milk 1.4oz

Turkey medium milk/vegan, natural/organic 3.5oz

Turkey lolly milk/vegan, natural/organic 1oz

turkey small milk/vegan, natural/organic 2.5oz

turkey large milk 16oz, option to be filled

Apple lolly milk 3oz