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All Natural Bars

All Natural Bars

Cases of 3 oz. Chocolate Bars - A "true" 72% cacao (no added cocoa butter). All natural ingredients. No flavoring or coloring additives. No preservatives. Certified Kosher by Kosher Michigan.

Dairy free bars are hand-crafted in seven (7) flavors (Pistachio Cherry, Blueberry Nibs, Goji Berry Lavender, Chipotle Ginger, Salted Toasted Coconut, Macadamia Nut Chai and Cinnamon Espresso).

Solid bars in white (30% cacao), milk (38% cacao) and dark (true 72% cacao) chocolate are available.

Each case is shelf-ready and contains 18 bars of the same flavor. Flavors may not be mixed within a case. A case of 18 bars weighs 3.5 lbs and measures 4" wide x 6.5" deep x 7" high. 

Each bar is still in the mold and double sealed in a cellophane bag for convenient re-storage. Packaging is Eco-friendly with a small energy footprint. 

Minimum order quantity is 4 cases, each of which may be a different flavor. Economic ordering is in multiples of 4 cases. Shipping is included for economic ordering.

Labels: Nutrition Facts, ingredients list, allergens and bar code. See 

1oz Bars: These same flavors are available in 1 oz. bars in bulk - minimum quantity is 48 bars of any flavor combination. 

Our All Natural Bars

Blueberry Nibs 72% Cacao 3oz

Case 18 Units Blueberry Nibs 3oz

Chipotle Ginger 72% Cacao 3oz

Case 18 Units Chipotle Ginger 3oz

Cinnamon Espresso 72% Cacao 3oz

Case 18 Units Cinnamon Espresso 3oz

Goji Berry Lavender 72% Cacao 3oz

Case 18 Units Goji Berry Lavender 3oz

Macadamia Nut Chai 72% Cacao 3oz

Case 18 Units Macadamia Chai 3oz

Pistachio Cherry 72% Cacao 3oz

Case 18 Units Pistachio Cherry 3oz

Salted Coconut 72% Cacao 3oz

Case 18 Units Salted Coconut 3oz