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Shipping Information

Please be familiar with our shipping practices before ordering.  Warm weather affects how we package, the urgency of the shipping method and timing. When temperatures are over 70 degrees en route, chocolate should not spend more than one day in transit. You should check temperatures along the shipping route and call us to arrange for Second Day AM or Overnight service if temperatures will be above 70 degrees. We may delay shipping if temperatures are over 80 degrees en route regardless of warm weather packaging.   

We ship throughout the continental US using FedEx. We cannot ship to a P.O. box. Cost depends on package size, destination and service (Overnight, Second Day AM or Ground). We do not ship internationally.

Our responsibility ends when the chocolate is delivered. We cannot be responsible if the recipient is not at home and the package is left in the sun, consumed by chocolate loving pets, woodland animals, etc.  Please be sure your recipient will be in town or make appropriate pickup arrangements.  We will use reasonable care to get your purchase to its destination as fresh as the day it was shipped. We will not be responsible if the package was not sent Overnight or Second Day AM. 

WARM WEATHER: Choose Second Day AM or Standard Overnight shipping from May through September or if temperatures en route will exceed 70 degrees. We do not ship Ground if the transit time will be greater than one day and temperatures will exceed 70 degrees en route.

Businesses and Residences
Delivery by FedEx Ground is generally on business days and not on holidays and weekends.   Deliveries may occur between 8 am and 6 pm.

Timing Considerations
We ship orders to avoid weekend transit. Normally shipments are made Monday through Wednesday.  Orders may be held for shipment until the following Monday to avoid weekends.

FedEx Tracking numbers can be emailed to the sender or buyer with status alerts (shipped, tentative delivery date, delivery confirmation) if an email address has been provided.

Return Policy
We do not accept returns.  For food safety reasons, once our chocolates have left our control, we can no longer take them back.

Please call if you have questions: 248-723-8008.