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Ganache Truffles

Ganache Truffles

Our truffles are hand-crafted and enrobed in milk, dark or white couverture chocolate. The ganache centers may be infused with natural flavors including concentrates, spices, liquors and herbs. Certain truffles are seasonal, either related to holidays or growing seasons for fresh herbs.

Our Ganache Truffles

Onyx Ganache

Milk Chocolate Ganache

Vanilla Bean Ganache

Amaretto Ganache

Grand Marnier Ganache

Jamaican Rum Ganache

Blood Orange Ganache

Lemon Ganache

Wild Strawberry Ganache

Raspberry Ganache

Burgundy Wine Ganache

Champagne Ganache

Keylime Ganache

Espresso Ganache

Mint Ganache

Seasonal Flavor Ganache