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Fruit/Nut Clusters

Fruit/Nut Clusters

Our clusters contain whole or large inclusions of nuts or fruits embedded in dark, milk or white chocolate. The nut clusters are available in milk and dark chocolate.

Our Fruit/Nut Clusters

Almond Dark/Milk

Blueberry Nibs Dark

Cashew Dark/Milk

Cinnamon Espresso Dark

Pecan Dark/Milk

Oreo White

Oreo White

Hazelnut Praline Dark/Milk

Krispie Dark/Milk

Peanut Butter Dark/Milk

Toasted Coconut Dark/Milk

Almond Coconut Dark/Milk

Cherry Cordial Dark/Milk

Coconut Patty Dark/Milk

Marzipan Dark/Milk

Peppermint Patty Dark